Discover Your Freedom Rate


I want to work 30 hours a week.

I want to make $60,000 a year.

My hourly rate is $73.

What is your freedom rate?

Penrose Keeps You Profitable

Build your personalized billing rate.
Place profitability at the core of your pricing.
Instantly know profitability for each project estimate.

Integrated Pricing Tools to Focus on Profit

It’s easy to lose sight or forget about pricing best practices. Penrose keeps you on track.

Set “valid until” dates to encourage client action.

See profit instantly for every project.

Add fixed expenses line item for services not needing an hourly rate.

Stop Guessing on Project Estimates

It doesn’t matter what others charge. It only matters if you make money.

Build estimates based on profit not guesswork.

Instantly know what projects to decline or pursue.

Know exactly how much money you are making.

Send Clean Simple Estimates to Your Clients

These days, effective estimates are a requirement. Don’t lose before you’ve started.

Create beautiful estimates that are easy for any client.

Receive email notifications after clients take action.

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