What’s the Story, yo?

We created Penrose to help freelancers make more money.

Penrose is the product of a digital agency in Tempe, AZ called ParaCore. We started the same way many other freelancers start. We worked in coffee shops, took salary hits when business was slow and charged much less than we should have.

Over the years, pricing was always a mystery. We were continually asking questions like:

  • How much should we charge?
  • How much is everyone else charging?
  • Are we losing money on this project?
  • What is this thing you call “profit”?

We starting creating margin worksheets to estimate how much we’d make on each project after salaries and expenses. The money left over was the elusive “profit” we’d heard about from a far away land. The worksheets worked really well but they quickly became difficult to manage.

It was clear we needed to build a system to not only organize our estimates but also keep us honest and profitable on our pricing. Every day there were forces urging us to reduce our prices. Clients ask for a reduced rate. We really want to win that project. We’re feeling light on projects right now.

With Penrose, you’ll know if you’re actually losing money on that project or if you’re just taking a lower margin. It’ll also let you know when you’re crushing it on a project!

There are many estimating platforms out there but Penrose is the only system that prices with an emphasis on your company’s profitability.

We hope you find that it encourages you to charge more, generate more revenue and pave the way to financial freedom and less stress.

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